Using ITSM Free & Premium together


is it possible to use booth type of Subscriptions in ITSM on the same account?

I have several clients with Client Security and at this moment i want to enable Advanced Endpoint Security only on 2 devices.

I have already added the licence to my subscriptions.

The Support advised me to only activate the licence and after that enroll the client security but this did not work.

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Yes. You can do this, at least that’s what support told me many months ago, and I’m doing it. I have some customers who have their own AV (though I’m switching them to Comodo when their period runs out with their current AV sub) and others that are using Comodo AEP. No problems.

Hi @hm

Yes, no problem with it. Premium license is required only for security components of ITSM. So, you should get premium licenses for the devices that you deploy security client. You can use the free license for the rest.

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Hi Ilker

how do you enable the premium features and which features are availlable in your console?
My clients all look the same. Free and premium…


I dont know which license i am using on which device. i have 100 free and some premium. How do you advice a license to a device?
I enroll the service, the same with free and premium.

Hi @hm ,

You can simple check which devices has security agent installed. Those are the devices that you should have and consume premium license.


Hi Ilker
that is not my question. i want to see it - how?


If you just have pushed out the CCC then it will automatically use a licence, no need to assign one.
If you have only pushed out the communication agent then no licence is needed or applied.
Does this help?

Yes. Thanks