Using ITSM vs Patch Management and RMM Modules


Just a quick message that someone might be able to answer me. There is patch management and RMM under the ITSM module so I’m a bit confused as to why the Patch Management and RMM modules still exist on their own?

Is there a particular reason or is it that these are just left over from when ITSM didn’t exist?

At the moment we have the ability to install RMM under ITSM and under the RMM module and the same for patch management just a bit confused which I should be installing and which data is correct especially for patch management as the data seems to be different under ITSM and the stand alone module.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @matthell

The RMM functionality is now built into ITSM. You would have to migrate from the old RMM Module to the ITSM. As far as Patch Management goes, we are in the process of integrating it into ITSM as well but currently the capabilities of the PM Module is not fully integrated in ITSM yet.

I’m assuming you’ve signed up to the Comodo One Platform some time ago since you still have the old RMM Module. Eventually we will be removing that module once all of our partners migrate to ITSM.

I’m not sure if you are aware but we provide you with your own dedicated Product Engineer to assist you with teaching all of the functionalities of the platform. I highly suggest for you to take advantage of this free service and request to be contacted for a live demo by your Product Engineer. You can request it via the link below:

I hope this was useful. =)

Thank you,
Comodo One Management Team

Thanks @CigdemT - yes setup with it a while ago thus the slight confusion!

OK something I’ve just posted about on the Service Desk Module part of the forum but would be great if we could delete modules that we don’t need. From what you say I should be able to get rid of the RMM module since it is integrated with ITSM but I don’t have any option to do this from my end.

Any time @matthell!

I agree with you in regards to being able to delete modules that are no longer needed.

I know the RMM Module will eventually be removed and all the new feature releases for RMM are being built in within ITSM. However, I need to check on whether if you have the option to remove a module on your end at the moment. So, I will get back to you on that.

Hi @matthell

I checked with our support team and it seems that this request has been mentioned by other partners and has been escalated to the development team. Currently it’s not an option to be able to delete modules but it’s on the road map.

To make sure that our support team notifies you of the availability of this capability, can you please send an email to with your request. This way they’ll have a record to contact you.

Thank you for your feedback!