Using Multiple Profiles

When applying multiple profiles to a machine or group, how does it prioritize which profile supersedes another one when there are conflicts?

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The profile that is more restrictive rules the lesser ones. You can utilize this help guide on managing profiles


Just to ensure I understand what ‘more restrictive’ means.

I guess if the contest was between No Branding and Branding then No Branding would win? BUT if I have 2 profiles and they only contain ‘Branding’ details say
‘General Branding’ with our Logo in and ‘Client A Branding’ with the client’s own branding and both profiles get’s linked for some reason, who wins?

Thank you for assisting.

Hello @itb ,

When it comes to multiple profiles in a single device, the profile with most restrictive settings is the one that will be applied.

The profile with Branding settings will be followed.
Rule of the thumb : the more configurations you set on the profile, the more restrictive it can be.

You can also visit this thread for more information

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I believe the branding version is not followed as we have branding issues due to what I believe is this issue.

Hello @StrobeTech / Robin,

Profiles settings are merged if applied more than one profile on a single device so, if re-branding is configured in one of them, it will be applied.
Example :
Case 1 : Profile A has configured re-branding / Profile B dont have re-branding configuration -> Profile A will be followed since it has re-branding configuration. Case 2 : Profile A dont have monitoring settings / Profile B has monitoring settings → the settings will merged since Profile A has no monitoring settings.
Case 3 : Profile A has monitoring settings / Profile B has monitoring settings as well → All monitoring settings will be applied.

As stated on our help guide you can create as many default profiles as you want, but you have to make sure the settings in them do not conflict. If the settings conflict then the most restrictive policy will be applied. For example, if the camera is enabled in a policy and disabled in another, then it will be disabled on other devices.

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