Varables? exists? Conditional statements?

Any chance there will be something to allow the use of variable, if exists, or simple conditional statements. For instance if I want to run a program on a machine it could be in the C:\Program Files<application> or C:\Program Files (x86)<application> directory depending on if it’s 32 bit o 64 bit.

Having the ability to upload a script would probably be the quickest approach.

Hello @dagint ,

You should be able to upload the scripts through the “File Transfer” Action and combine it with the “Shell Execute” Action to execute the script you send to the workstation. This is achievable through Jobs > Job manager > Create > (fill in the details) > Next > New > Create a new procedure in the Jobs section of the RMM console by including the Actions mentioned above. Please let us know if this is what you were looking for.

I had also asked about this, a while back, when I started trying to build my procedures and jobs. They tell me that they put it on the road map. I figured it should at least include environmental variables, if not custom variables that we can set up in our console, for job purposes.

Hi @dagint @BOSS ,

We created a work around for ourselves by creating self-executing SFX packages for our own batch/program install and scripts uploaded to our web space and then created Application installer procedures to download and run the packages. we created a simple if exist argument in a setup batch file as part of the setup to detect if system is 32bit or 64bit and execute/run correct script/install based on the outcome.

not sure if this will assist you but here is a basic batch file code


echo 64-bit…

echo 32-bit…


Nice, thanks for the input!!