vbulliten vulnerabilities - comodo hacked?


I read this article https://www.cbronline.com/news/comodo-hacked this morning after finding all my email accounts associated with this forum and comodo full with over 8 times the amount of spam/junk mail than i normally get on a weekly basis. Could comodo shed some light in this please as i’m surprised comodo even uses third party software.

They have a lot of answers to give, why did we hear of this in the media first?

My thoughts exactly.

Itarian and Comodo made official announcements about this issue before this article is published. And this is also written in the article, with the link to the official announcement.

there should of been a post here explaining it.

There is, please visit General Announcement section. Here is the link for the post https://forum.itarian.com/forum/general-announcements/37860-important-security-notice-about-itarian-forums-accounts

or at least emailed us directly to inform us, the ones whos full details are hosted with them.
Seems Itarian and Comodo like to keep quiet when theres a problem afoot. Support doesn’t even respond to mails if they don’t want to ive noticed

@Realming_Grape we made announcements as soon as we were aware of them problem and fixed it. We’re apologizing if any inconvenience is introduced during that time.

Why are there no senior staff in here doing same? Funny but during the outage in Frankfurt no mention was made nor seen of this on the forums, hiding it away is not a response!

@CompuWhizz , what is your expectation in terms of senior staff? Do you want to talk with the manager :slight_smile:

This topic is about the vbulletin vulnerability and we believe the notification and informing our users are done properly in time, there is no hiding or delaying of any information. As the main responsible of this product, I’m trying to be honest, and conduct an open communication with our users by sharing all we know and all we did.

Thank you and good luck but your profile with only 30 posts in 3 years and no Staff designation is… possibly outdated?

We appreciate all feedbacks, thank you.