VERY high CPU usage - Constant > 50%

I’m seeing VERY high CPU usage (constant 100%), which is making the cursor flicker, and reduce all operations to a crawl.
“COMODO Internet Security Helper Service”

possibly being the culprit.

Running between 40% and 80% usage.

Yes,… it is / was in the middle of a maintenance window, but I changed the config to disable all security, and the issue remains.
Even with all security disabled, its still running 30% - 60%

Edit : Security disabling took a while to kick in, CPU load down to 5 - 10%
… But one of the services is really hammering the cpu. :frowning:
Robert Gardner.

For info.
Issue appears to have resolved itself.

Strange, as at one point, I had everything switched off, and the CPU was still high.