Virus not detected

It’s a litte discouraging: a client of mine has the latest version of CSS, latest version of Webroot, antvirus engine on their Mdaemon mail server and none of them prevented him from receiving and opening the “Mal/LnkDrop-A” trojan virus inside zipped file, attachment of an email. I already sent the zip file to Comodo for evaluation. Anyway only 6 engines of detected it.

Hello @datalink

Thank you for bringing this up to our attention we have created a ticket for you in order to investigate the issue further.

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Hello @datalink

With all the other vendors, you’ll be vulnerable to this threat when they don’t detect it, and they will damage your computer, data or experience. With Comodo CCS, you’ll still be protected and it can do no damage to your system, even if it’s not detected because our solution implements the so-called “Containment” technology. The attachment will be first scanned when opened, but it will not be detected, then when the file will execute, it will be encapsulated automatically. You can try it yourself, or you can send me a copy of the email so that we create a video for you to show the effect.

And this is why the Comodo solution is so great!

Protects against the unknown.

Hi @fatih ,
Yes. Can you please make videos of such threats ? On a protected system with CSS and on a non protected system?
Especially regarding ransomware software.
In such way we, and our clients can see how effective CSS can be.
This could also be great propaganda material for the product I think.

@fatih good stuff.