Virus Scope and Firewall on Deny Shared Printers Data

I have use Comodo Cloud Security ITSM (Versiyon: Windows Client - Security I have a problem!
I have use to Kyocera - FS1370 printers on system. And Windows 7 Professional client PC’s.
09.05.2018 date in the dowload WSUS server deployment all pc’s and servers. Critical update KB4103718 and KB41003712.
But; ITSM Comodo settings and new update set windows denny on shared printer’s my system. Send to data not allow shared printers. Only removed comodo security or Virus Scope and Firewall disable i make comodo profile settings. Then it prints.I did not understand

Printers: Kyocera FS1370
OS : Windows 7 pro SP1
Antivirus : Comodo Cloud Secrutiy ITSM

@bilgi.sistemleri ,

We have created a supported ticket via email regarding your reported issue. We will provide a response as soon as possible

Depending on your setup the Firewall “should” create the right rules for the Peer-to-Peer file and print services for you.
We have noticed this is not always the case and currently working with Comodo’s team on this for a solution, anything we can do to help please ask.

We have the necessary firewall rules. From time to time, however, with Microsoft’s security updates, Microsoft can disrupt this. In particular, Miltdown and Spectre are releasing patches from March to today against their attacks.