Hi Guys

VirusScope looks to be a very interesting piece of technology, I am curious to know how the community is using it. Feel free to chime in on the questions I have about it below.

Are you guys using VirusScope?
If so how is it configured?
How is it performing?

@libretech ,

We thank you for taking time in reaching out other MSPs take on your topic. We hope others can share their thoughts on Viruscope as well.

@Jimmy Thanks. Is it best to run VirusScope outside of containment or only in containment?

anything outside containment is in theory already got verdicted (high trust verdicts), so we know they are good, the bad ones get killed…so that kind of behaviour analysis is best used for apps running within containment. Of course if you are a paranoid and want to run it for everywhere you can…

@melih thanks for the feedback!