Wake on Lan via Portal or Remote

WOL would be super handy from either the web portal or remote control app as a click to wake button.
Yes, it needs another system on the same network to function and setup on the target machine bios/network settings.
We ​​​can do it with remote access to another system, copy the mac from the portal (or have documented), then manually issue wol etc.
It works ok at least 90% of time, but many RMM’s have this built in.


I believe there is already a feature request for this.

Multiple requests/posts. from as far back as December 2015: https://forum.itarian.com/forum/products/rmm/2283-power-on-option-in-rmm

There is a script, which I can’t reference as the scripts’ web page is not loading for me at the moment, but was here: https://scripts.comodo.com/frontend/…ic/wake-on-lan

Also, just found this from Feburary this year:

@ilgazy , how are you progressing with Wake-on-LAN?

@mcfproservices , in the meantime there are scripts to help https://scripts.itarian.com/frontend…er&per-page=10

yes WOL is a must for doing updates/out of hours work.