Wake On Lan

Ability to do WOL

HI @frederikbay

We have a script for WOL .I hope this will be helpful.

Outlined below are the steps to make the WOL script work for you:

Step 1: Note all MAC addresses of the computers where you want to use the script.

Step 2: Install Python 2.7 on a computer (within the LAN) where you plan to run the script. This means that this PC needs to be always on (not on sleep or hibernate mode).

Step 3: Copy and paste the script ( https://scripts.comodo.com/frontend/web/topic/wake-on-lan) in IDLE. In the script, make sure to declare the MAC address(es) of the computer(s) you want to wake up.
Example: list1=[“EC-B1-A9-2F-1A-3Z”,“54-0F-CF-34-9z-8A”]

Feel free to review IDLE setups and how to use it from online sources.

Step 4: Run the script as needed.

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Hi @Damon C and @Saikiran

Thank you both for your answers, they are both very helpfull

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I have also created a script and uploaded it here that uses WakeMeOnLan instead of Python on a always on workstation. There is a script that when ran will populate the WakeMeOnLan list with the IP and MACs it can find when the computers are on. Then you can use the Wake script to wake up individual or all computers in the WakeMeOnLan program. This tool can also be used a basic network scan tool. Here is the link: https://c1forum.comodo.com/forum/script-library/10206-procedure-for-wake-on-lan-wol-using-wakemeonlan