Want to offer Managed Security Services to your customer with ZERO investment?


You can apply for an MSP account.

From this account you can start selling Cloud based security to your customers.

With this technology your customers will receive a clean pipe coming from the cloud! Its a whole new innovation.

To register you can email mspcdome@comodo.com

Just as a query, would be be possible to get a single dome shield (or other) licence with C1 that doesn’t expire so that we can get used to the interface and get around how to use it and so we can demo it to potential customers because sometimes a 30 day trial just doesn’t cut it and to work with customers it may mean setting each of them up with an account to set up a trial and then it wouldn’t be linked back in with C1. I havent yet started the trial on my account because I havent had to a time where I can really sit down and have a good look over it and give it a good run yet


Hello @dougaust

We will forward your Request for a Trial License that as the one you have described above. We will get back to you and let you with more info as soon as we can.

Thanks, I thought I would ask. It is a lot easier to up sell if we know the product inside and out

Hello @dougaust ,

Regarding the trial Dome Shield license request (but generally for any dome license related inquiry), please send an email to domesales@comodo.com and they will be able to help out with that.

great idea.

Hi @dougaust

Our support will help you if you send your account information to domesales@comodo.com
On the other hand as you requested, a limited but never expire account will be created for each MSP Account by default. This will be coming soon.

Thanks that would be great, the other option would be that if in C1 a dome trial (or other products even) could be recreated when ever we need it if that would be easier, 30 days would be fine if we knew that if we need to look at it again later on we can just re-activate it for the next client we want to demo it with

Is there any update on the earlier statement… “a limited but never expire account will be created for each MSP Account by default. This will be coming soon.” - is this available yet?

Guys this option is available if you email: ‘mspcdome@comodo.com’ I got a very prompt reply from tech support team from my request. Just email your account login for C1. They allocated licenses for both: Dome Standard: https://cdome.comodo.com/sme/ & Dome Shield: https://cdome.comodo.com/shield/ nice! :slight_smile:

are the licences just a trial?

They are non expiring full trial licenses, saves having to rebuild or reinstall anything after 30 days. Troubleshooting some issues found with the Dome Shield at present with the tech support team to make it all work much better from here in AUS

ah cool on both parts, want a non expiring trial and also in AUS

2 different products…
CDome Shield: DNS based filtering
CDome Business/Enterprise : Cloud based system to clean the internet pipe before it goes to your network.

Thanks, I have got the services activated on my account, Time to do some playing around to see what it can do

Excellent. Let us know if you need anything else.
what did you get Shield or Cdome Business?

I have cdome shield and cdome standard licences which should be a good place for me to start

yes great start.

CDome Standard comes with Patented Portable Containment…providing clean pipe to the networks…amazing innovation.

It does sound like a great system, just being able to get in and see just the menu options is a good learning process

This is where I seen to get ahold of the sales team to get my non expiring licenses, and thought it was set up, maybe I was wrong, please inform me if I need to do this again.