Dear Itarian ,
is this any way to find all systems warranty status, the agent can read the serial numbers and find the warranty of the systems.
if I need only warranty details i get some report like system name warranty starts and end kind of details?

@Thulasitharan ,

As of the moment, there’s no opportunity on monitoring warranty details. Our Product Developers are still working on a structure like a vendor warranty status section on the Endpoint Manager. We are still working on this functionality request and we have outlined this feature on our Mid-Term roadmap timeline. (rough estimate would be 6-12 mos.) We’ll keep you updated via email on its development.

Hi @Thulasitharan ,

Thank you for your interest, as @Jimmy stated, it is in our roadmap and you will be informed with updates.

Please keep in touch, your ideas are important for us!



Hi @MerveS @Jimmy Pretty sure this has been on the road map for years. @Thulasitharan at present we manually copy the serial numbers from the Endpoint Manager and check on the vendors’ websites. it is really frustrating.

@nct It would definitely take a bit of work, but I wonder if it’s possible in the interim and within the confines of the scripting system to write a procedure that would retrieve the value for the PC Manufacturer, match it against the URL for the respective warranty check site and then submit the serial number and retrieve the data pulled from the page.

Hi @nct ,

This is a great insight and we are actively looking for the structure. We will keep you notified with updates, keep in touch!

Your feedback is always important for us!



but I can use the service in one year before lansweeper they have some tool to get warranty details in a single shot.

I would also like to be included in notifications about development of the warranty feature. This is a very common function of RMM and should have been included from day 0 as I see it stated in these forums.