way to transfer files?

Is there any way to transfer files to a client computer through Comodo Remote Control? My previous remote admin software could do this and I found it handy, especially when returning a client’s files to them, etc.

This is something that used be available through the RMM toolset you could install as an auxiliary Comodo package, but they’ve deprecated that.

I too would like to know if this feature will ever come back. There were a lot of great capabilities in that toolset which haven’t been implemented in the new remote control/ITSM console.

Hi @gregs_electronics and @maximillianx
The file transfer function in the Comodo Remote Control (CRC) is still in the works. It is expected to be available by Q4 2018.

Hello @gregs_electronics and @maximillianx ,

On top of Rick’s comment, we’ll be releasing File Browser (Downloader) from an endpoint in July. Until the full file transfer is released, we are hoping that this Browser tool could serve your needs.


Product Manager, CRC

Where can I find the File Browser (Downloader)?


Please check this wiki guide for the File Explorer (Beta).

You can use that tool to download but not upload.