We now have over 20,000 strong members in our forum!

This is a great milestone and looking to serve each and every one of you!

We are here for you!

Great news. How many endpoints are on ITSM now?

over 120K active at any point when we look at it in an instance. eg: if i expand this period to 24 hour or 48 hour we will see much more.
3704 Active accounts account for these endpoints.

Congratulations @melih! You guys should do a vlog or something to take us on the inside with you.

Great achievement but I wish that there was better communication between C1 staff and the community especially on the forums.
forums.The response to the preview testers on the most recent release was terrible.


We apologize for the delay in response. We will put our efforts in having the communication exchange relayed faster to the necessary departments in a timely manner as soon as possible.

Amazing news!!!

Keep spreading the news and joy

I hear this a lot but dont actually see any action from it. Sorry to be so negative but C1 keeps shooting themselves in the foot and arent learning from the mistakes of old.

Hello @Joners ,

We appreciate your feedback. Rest assured that every opinion keeps us on our toes.