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Hi all,
I am a new user for Comodo RMM, and was wondering if there is a way to implement web filtering, e.g. allow access to certain websites, based on a template.


Hello @rudym12

RMM is now part of the ITSM Module when using it from Comodo One.
The Security software - Comodo Client Security - that the ITSM has, has Website Filtering capabilities, but Unfortunately, they cannot be managed from the console.
You can set it up locally, on a computer and then, from the Console use the option to export the profile.and then it can be used for multiple devices. This would forward the settings, although you cannot see them as manageble in the console.
Should you have any question please fell free to contact us at c1-support@comodo.com

if you are looking for a full Web Filtering product, then please go to http://cdome.comodo.com

It is also available under C1 as a separate module, cDome Shield.

When could we expect to be able to manage simple website filtering within ITSM?

As I understand the Comodo Client Security agent has this ability, but it is not integrated for control within ITSM. For customer requiring a more robust website filtering ability I would utilize a product such as Dome, but not for a smaller customer.


Cdome Shield is a DNS based version…why not use this?

It is really true We can use the Cdome, but DNS blocking is not enough, It can be bypassed by just trying to access using the web portal IP. I think this can be really blocked from the ITSM AV either DNS based block or IP when using the firewall option.

Agreed and why use another product for smaller clients that do not have the need for something more robust. Just another portal and additional cost to simply block a few websites. If this is an option with in an Antivirus product, for smaller clients this will work just fine. I can also block via my hardware firewall, but again - additional cost for a more robust service that the customer doesn’t need.

As an MSP - our goal is to manage customer networks independently via one management console with the least amount of administrative efforts. Adding a different product, like DOME or event the subscription via the hardware firewall, is adding another management portal, additional setup, additional cost when services like these offer more than the customer actually will ever have the need for - other than simple Website Filtering.

Here is a paper written by Professor David Evans - (Professor of Computer Science, University of Virginia) explaining in layman’s term about the Halting problem and how “virtualization” he calls it “Shadowize” can help solve it. This is exactly what Comodo has done! Science meets CyberSecurity…

Hello @rmorton , @axatech ,

We have contacted you by email regarding the features requested above.