Web filtering

Is there a way to monitor the websites a computer has gone to? I just want to see website activity. Even better, is there any webfiltering available that would help me block certain categories? Thanks in advance.

Hello @jmock,

The feature to use web filtering and check website activities in the Endpoint Manager is still in the works and currently shows on the roadmap with the following implementation timeline: {Long-Term (more than 12 months)}.

Monitoring visited websites is already available through Dome Shield whose main function is web filtering (whitelist/blacklist site categories).

Let us know if you still need further assistance. Thank you.

Dome Shield is the current Comodo route.


There is a full platform that offers many products/features/capabilities called CDome.
CDome Shield is one part of the whole platform.
Please go thru the whole platform to see exactly what parts are relevant to what you need.

If you have any further questions or license requirements please let us know.