Web Interface Settings and SSL

We have finally made the move to KoruMail, and what a good job you have done!

Unfortunately there is one big issue we need sorted asap, and that is the SSL cert side of the web interface allowing users to release messages with confidence.

In the old platform (MailCleaner) we had a section you could navigate to and paste the right information into (See attached screenshot).
The process of generating a key, submitting and using the web interface to publish is very simple and well documented here Generating and Applying an SSL Certificate for MailCleaner | JoeDania's Blog

Hopefully you already have a way of doing this in place, else can this be done asap?

Firstly, we are pleased to hear that you like it.

About the issue which you mentioned, we have this option in the Set Up Wizard section. You can start this wizard whenever you need from the main dashboard and in the Certificate Entrance part you can use default certificate by just ticking it or you can upload your certificate file which has format .p12 as you can see at the attachment.


Hi @Oytun

I worked with the team yesterday to do this and all worked in the end.
Some how or some reason by SSL was encrypted so the system did not like it; but has been solved now. I believe the team un-encrypted it and place a working copy on my server, but not 100% sure.

The route you describe is how I got the certificate on the device.

Would be good to know more about the SSL requirements and how to upload etc as the current cert I have just moved from MailCleaner to KoruMail expires January sometime.