Webinar means?

A webinar is an engaging online event where a speaker, or small group of speakers, deliver a presentation to a large audience who participate by submitting questions, responding to polls and using other available interactive tools.

@hemanthr417 Is this a question or just a comment?

If it is a comment about pricing and a webinar, then it seems we have a public visible utube replay section and another web page login one that needs our credentials and has a recorded presentation from @StrobeTech if memory serves me well.

If it is a comment about the live webinar then perhaps you mean it does not appear very interactive ?
And yes that would be correct from what I see.

Personally I would like to join the live events, but my time zone (in AU) is not workable, so I watch the recorded version and skip or pause when needed.

I see they are still learning how to present these, black screen on intro instead of a background image, bit of music would not hurt, and screen sharing can be blurry, language may be hard to pick up for everyone (but they say about us Ozzie’s and our slang) and we cannot hear or see the questions being asked, they should be in a chat like window.

However they are information sharing and better than just looking at a wilki page.
Hopefully the more people that can tune in, will encourage more and “better” presentations.

The team have asked for feedback on topic’s wanted and such but only a few responses from what I can see.
I am as guilty as a lot of users, have not requested much nor asked too many questions, so I assume they are trying to pick out subjects to present without much input from the clients - you and me.

I struggle with scripting via the python method and needing to go to web page, download, import and such, but do manage in the end, once working never need to do much afterwards except tweek bits and pieces, yet I have not asked for a webinar to assist…
Can powershell, cannot seem run cmd or batch inside a script, again never asked for a demo…
Same as trying to brand the system, I cannot create an icon or get the correct sizes to work, again not asked…

So yes it would be nicer to see a more professional setup, but we the users, need to offer our suggestions and our feedback, including a way to show questions being asked on the screen etc.

I’m glad that the effort is being made to produce a webinar/video with examples and commentary along the way, is it full on professional ? hell no, not yet.

But as the platform is developing I hope these continue as well, I have picked up a few things along the way that had no idea could be done as they show or demo the product.

Each little bit is helping me use the system better and in the end saves me time, makes the msp tasks a touch easier.

If or when the marketplace eg (Office 365 etc) and everything matures and fully integrates together, then I can see the only platform I will need, aim is to be able to ditch a couple of others I use.
I don’t even use the help desk yet, good old email and phone calls, but on my road-map.

It has a long way to go, but every other platform I’m using or tested has some issues or shortfalls.



Hello @hemanthr417 @mcfproservices ,

First of all thanks for your interest.And thanks for all these feedback.
As a team we are always asking your feedback about anything not only the webinars since we are improving our platform with you.
We are performing these webinars because we are trying to onboard our customers, make their life easier with the feature that they may not aware. Our purpose is not to provide perfect webinars with the dictionary meaning of webinar, our purpose is to show benefits of the platform, value of the platform,provide more feature explanation to our customers for saving their time.
So please share your needs with us at anytime so that we can try to improve ourselves.

@mcfproservices thank you so much for your detailed feedback, based on your suggestions;

1-We will try to make this sessions more interactive
2-We will definitely have background image:)
3-And we will try to have sessions on different time zones as well.

If you have any topic suggestions you can find the related forum links on below,

Best Regards,
Product Management Team