I have recently started using Comodo’s https://www.webinspector.com/ for some of our customers sites to generate a simple report for their website and was wondering if there was an API for the scanner that we can integrate into our own website to trigger the reports for our customers.

@curatrix_pl ,

Please send us an email @ https://www.webinspector.com/email-us.php to have our Web inspector support team assist you in your query. Thank you

you can use cwatch.comodo.com . its a more comprehensive web security platform where we have combined SIEM, WAF on top of CDN along with a full time Cyber Security Operation Center (CSOC) staff. So it protects your customers’ web presence against attacks, ddos etc…from as little as $10 a month…amazing service and amazing price to be honest, nothing like this exists today.
And you can have the APIs with this.