What are the best resources available for guidance into building a MSP practice?

Lets build a resource by everyone contributing a bit…so that all our MSP friends can benefit from it.

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Its not simple, but by far one of the most powerful tools for any service provider is compliance and certifications. ISO9001, ISO27001 and ITIL are great ways to demonstrate you are process driven and enable you to go after bigger MSP contracts. 5 man businesses are a good starting point, but 100 man businesses are going to pay the

Compliance is not difficult to achieve, as long as you are working to processes within your business and recording information. Put in place a good document management system (such as SharePoint) for controlling policies and procedures through approval processes. Basically, any task that you repeat should be documented as a process, whether this is the on-boarding of a customer or new starter, or a finance based process for claiming expenses. Once these are in place, ensure your staff work to these set policies and procedures and passing the audits will be a doddle. Make sure you also record any ‘nonconformities’ along with resolution paths and use your document management system to preserve the changes and versions to the policies. Process Management is one of the largest parts of these certifications.