What are you monitoring

Good Morning,

I’m still exploring the different options in comodo and wanted to see what everyone else is using comodo for as far as RMM. Right now, I’m monitoring and alerted for virus infections, low disk space, performance, backups, servers unavailable and critical events. I’d like to get an idea of what others are monitoring. I’m sure there are many other items but I’m having trouble finding other things that the system is capable of monitoring. Thank you.

We have set up on our systems additional services like: -

  • Sage Data Service
  • Software of Excellence Email and Database services
  • Microsoft Exchange Services
  • EXACT JobBOSS service monitoring
and more...... We looking at our list again soon as we are sure we can monitor and self-heal more giving us more time to look at fun stuff.

Basically, if there is a Windows service you can monitor the up and down of it; as well as logs / events as you know. But also you can use Python to write or you can visit the script library and use scripts to monitor almost anything.

If you are not good at writing scripts and there is not one for you needs, Comodo have a dedicated team to write one for you!