What I do wrong?

  1. Added network (with C1’s auto-parameters)
  2. Installed cdome agent
  3. Entered DNS parameters at my router

And Internet dead. What I am do wrong?

1- please check Under Configure, Networks: whether your public IP is entered there correctly
2- check Under Configure, Policy whether Default Security Policy has been applied
3- check Under Configure, Roaming Devices, whether you can see your agent there (Have you do the provisioning?)

Note: You don’t have to use the agent if you set DNS at your router. The agent is useful if you have roaming devices.

What is “roaming device”?

a device like a laptop that you take from one network and put it into another network. example: you take your laptop and plug in the office…then you take the laptop and use it in a hotel. So the network it connects to is changing.