What is Error: 0x80004005

I have this kind of error after updating to CES : Error: 0x80004005. What is it about?

Hi @axatech
The error code 0x80004005 is a ‘generic’ error for a failed update process. Is it something that you keep getting repetitively from a specific endpoint (or more)? As of this post, are you still having difficulty updating the Comodo AV?

Hi @Rick_C

Yes issue still persists. It just happens on two endpoints, It is rare.

Hi @Damon C ,

I have this from diagnostic:

Error FTP connection, host: usfftp.security.comodo.com, code: 2efd
Failed myRegistrar->Register 0x80041003

One question, is there a way to reset the AV database and tell Comodo AV to re-download everything. This just happened after upgrading to the newest version (

@Damon C . Thanks