What is the best way to make a reoccuing ticket?

What is the best way to make a reoccuing ticket?

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Regarding on your query, could you please tell us more details/information for us to provide you the best possible answer?

In the meantime, you may check out help guide and wiki links for more information about Service Desk:

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What I mean is, if I want to schedule a ticket to be created for a company on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis for routine maintenance. I have several clients that want a ticket generated on certain days of the month to have tasks completed. Do you know how I can accomplish this? I don’t see it in the documentation you sent me

Feel free to check the following help guide @nykcrawford if this covers what you are trying to achieve.
Create a Schedule for the Ticket

That’s almost what I mean, but more specifically if I wanted a ticket to be generated automatically just one friday of the month every month? It seems what you sent me only allows me to schedule a ticket in the future, not make it reoccur

Yes, you are right @nykcrawford. It is not automated so you will simply end up scheduling it manually once you are done with the current scheduled maintenance.

With the current build, it is possible to set up a scheduled procedure that can accomplish your goal. Feel free to submit a request in the Script request sub-forum. We strongly suggest that you describe the process that you want to achieve as clearly as possible so that the script developers can easily review it for viability (ex., send an email to your support desk every N days for a certain task originating from one of the enrolled devices of the company). Please make sure that you do not include in your post any information that you deem sensitive.

Thanks man for this answer