What is the "Patch Management Server"?

I just signed up and have yet to setup any agents. I am really interested in the Patch Management. Having perused the docs a bit, I see the mention of uploading patches/apps to the “Patch Management Server”. Is this a server I specify and maintain? Is it the comodo servers?

Also for Windows Updates, does it use the"Patch Management Server" or does each client still have to download from MS?

Thank you!


It is Comodo Server and we are maintaining that part. No worries from your side.

Also, you are getting the updates from Comodo Server but you can also see the source link for each update that show the vendor site.


OK, well my Question regarding WIndows Updates went unanswered. Do the clients download Windows Updates from MS or from Comodo? Please comment.
Also, any way to mirror these downloads locally on customers site? Downloading THE SAME updates from many workstations seems very ineffecient to me. Any way this could be a feature request?

Yes, you are getting updates from Comodo Servers

Regarding caching, I also agree. Here is the poll: https://forum.mspconsortium.com/forum/committees/technology/new-feature-polls/596-cache-server-per-customer-site.