What is the URL for API access???

What is the URL for API access? I can’t find it in documentation anywhere.

Have you already checked the C1 API documentation, @bigblock?

Hi @Rick_C , I have. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see the URL listed anywhere. We’re trying to access the API for the service desk but don’t know where to go.

@Rick_C , for example, the documentation for some of the ticket related functions says: https://subdomain.domainname/clientapi. But what is subdomain.domainname that they are they referring to?

For the Service Desk APIs, that would be your HelpDesk URL.

You will see it in the Service Desk module. Go to ADMIN PANEL → SETTINGS → System.

Hello @ece.isel and @Rick_C . That appeared to work. I’m getting the responses back now that I expected. Thank you very much!

What you trying to make or code for Service Desk?

Hi @StrobeTech ,

We’re looking at alternative ways to access the ticket system. The ticket system itself has almost everything we need but we find it takes us too much time to login and work with it in it’s current form. It’s nothing against Itarian, we like the service, but we would like to find more efficient ways to manipulate it, such as using a SlackBot to manage tickets. Itarian has been a valuable asset so far but the service desk interface is a bit cumbersome for us. Interfacing with a SlackBot would be much faster for us, as we run almost all our other operations out of Slack.

Sounds good.
The SD interface is good, much better than it was and a big change from its roots of osTicket.