What is your top actions on the CRC?

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It would be great to learn your top actions in the Comodo Remote Control! We have prepared an action list which may be already your top actions but, if you have any other actions, please share with us so that we can improve our product together!

How to download CRC?
How to install CRC?
How to install CRC from Portal?
How to sign-in to CRC?
How to start a session within App?
How to end a session?
How to start a session within ITSM?
How to search by device name and filter?
How to use the action bar?
How to check connection information?
How to send special keys in a session?
How to lock the remote device?
How to set screen view?
How to see application version?
How to configure customer notification options?
How to configure remote control options?
How to set remote control message for customer notification?
How to configure custom wait time for connection approval?
How to disable remote control user permissions?
How to check audit logs?
How to filter audit logs for CRC?
How to configure protocol options and ports?

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Our biggest issue is the reconnect timeout. The timeout before we have to recreate the remote session isn’t long enough for even a device reboot. And these are virtual machines that don’t have to deal with BIOS time. Every time we reboot a server, we have to reinitiate a remote session.

Actually none of the above, we need the ability for videos of the sessions to be recoreded and stored securely for our own protection.

@nct ,

A recording capability is indeed a good feature, especially for reviewing conducted support sessions. We will add you to an existing request which is currently under our long-time roadmap timeline. We will keep you updated through your forum registered email about our Development Team’s progress on this functionality.