What is your top actions on the EndPoint Security?

Hello everyone,

It would be great to learn your top actions in the IT and Security Manager-Endpoint Security! We have prepared an action list which may be already your top actions but, if you have any other actions, please share with us so that we can improve our product together!

  • What are the protection layers of CCS?
  • How to install security client?
  • How to customize a security profile?
  • How to on-board your endpoints without risk of business disruption?
  • How to baseline your environment?
  • How to manage unknown files in your endpoints?
  • How to whitelist your applications?
  • How to create exclusions in security components for an application?
  • How to see infected endpoints?
  • How to start scans on endpoints over ITSM -optional-?
  • How to manage your quarantined applications?
  • How to change Update settings for Comodo Client Security?
  • How to check the Comodo ratings of files uploaded Valkyrie?
  • How to see file details on devices?
  • How to send security logs to your SIEM product?
  • How to prevent specific files/folders to be accessed by Contained applications?
  • How to use Virusscope without affecting endpoints' performance?
  • How to use external device control via profiles?
  • How to submit files for Comodo evaluation?