What is your top actions on the RMM?

Hello Everyone,

It would be great to learn your top actions in the RMM! We have prepared an action list which may be already your top actions but, if you have any other actions, please share with us so that we can improve our product together!

How to create a user?
How to enroll a device?
How to check device details?
How to check device logs?
How to filter and sort devices?
How to export ITSM tables?
How to clone a profile?
How to edit a profile?
How to assign a profile to a device?
How to create device groups?
How to add devices to device group?
How to set a profile as default?
How to assign a profile to device group?
How to assign a profile to user group?
How to assign a profile to a user?
How to create a user group?
How to create an ITSM report?
How to check audit logs?
How to setup Apple Push Notifications service?
How to set up Active directory integration?

Hello @jenniferduran ,

Thank you for your interest and good thoughts on ITarian Endpoint Manager! We are trying to do everything to satisfy your business needs. If you have anything to discuss about the product, I would be more than happy to help you.

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Ilgaz Yucecengiz
Technical Product Manager
Endpoint Manager, ITarian