What is your top actions on the Service Desk?

Hello Everyone,

It would be great to learn your top actions in the Service Desk! We have prepared an action list which may be already your top actions but, if you have any other actions, please share with us so that we can improve our product together!

How to Setup company info and settings?
How to create organization?
How to create user?
How to create ticket categories?
How to claim a ticket?
How to assign/reassign a ticket?
How to edit a ticket?
How to process a ticket?
How to transfer a ticket?
How to post an internal note to a ticket?
How to reply a customer from inside of a ticket?
How to setup client pages?
How to schedule a ticket?
How to add email templates?
How to add SLA plans?
How to add assets?
How to manage alerts and notices?
How to ban an email?
How to add spent time manually to a ticket?
How to add a staff to a ticket?
How to add an announcement?
How to get reports from dashboard?
How to add materials?
How to use custom forms inside of tickets?
How to add roles?
How to add departments?
How to add cc or collaborator to a ticket?
How to add list?
How to add list as a child of another list?
How to use ticket filters to route tickets to different department or staff?
How to add a contract?
How to get reports?
How to schedule reports?
How to add timesheets?
How to approve timesheets?
How to create knowledge base?
How to create and use projects?
How to add new fields to tickets and get report of it?
How to add a charging model?
How to use client apis to create own client facing page?
How to get a detailed cost report for a contract?