Whats currently running on endpoint..

Scenario… so I need to reboot an endpoint and dont want to disturb the client. Is there any way to see what is currently running on an endpoint?

I’m aware I can send a warning etc… but ‘some’ clients get annoyed when you request they stop what they’re doing.

We also use another RMM platform for some of our clients that shows a small screenshot from the endpoint summary screen which is real handy to see if it’s safe to reboot. I know thats a pretty unique feature amongst rmm platforms and doesnt exist on Itarian (nore most other rmms) but is there any way within Itarian to get a list as to what is currently running?

Hello @Ed_Johnson ,

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I use the “Process Explorer”
in “Remote Tools”
to have a “snapshot” of the machine use…

Yeah I currenly do the same but I was looking fo something a little less intrusive. This still requires the endpoint user to interact. Thanks for the assistance/advice.