[What's New] ITarian QuickTicket Application!

Hello everyone,

I’m posting today to let you know about yet another new addition to the ITarian family of products - ITarian Quick Ticket. Quick Ticket is a mobile app for iOS that lets your customers effortlessly submit support tickets direct to your helpdesk.

Designed specifically for MSPs, the app lets users quickly choose the nature and scope of their issue from a range of helpful menus before adding more details if required. Once submitted, users can track the progress of their ticket over email or from their MSP’s online help portal. MSPs can manage the ticket in ITarian’s fully-featured ticket management system, Service Desk.


Setup and use Quick Ticket

  • End-users download and install the app on their iOS device (search ‘ITarian’ on the app store).
  • They login to the app by entering their email address and MSP’s sub-domain.
  • They enter a subject and brief description of their issue, then select the issue type and scope from drop-down menus.
  • Hit send! The ticket is assigned a case-number in real-time and the customer can track its progress on your help desk by tapping ‘Follow my ticket’.
  • MSPs can manage and respond to the ticket through Service Desk as they would with any other ticket.
Features and benefits
  • Allows MSP customers to quickly and easily report issues faster than ever before.
  • Supports text-to-speech and can be added to ‘Siri’, so users can open the app by saying a specific phrase.
  • Fully integrated with Service Desk. MSPs can manage, reply, and create rules for tickets from Quick Desk as with other tickets.
  • White-label supported. MSPs can extend the reach of their brand and deepen their connection with customers by using their own company logos in the app.
White-label / rebranding options

In later releases, we’ll add the ability to rebrand Quick Ticket through Endpoint Manager like you can with the clients and virtual desktop. In the meantime, please send your company logos to the following email address if you want to rebrand the app:


Best Regards,
Product Management Team

Hello Elif, im live in Latin America and the 85% of my customers has Android Devices, Itarian think in these users?