What's New on Service Desk?

Hello Everyone,

Because of the announcing Service Desk hotfix processes from Release Announcement page, I didn’t update Service Desk product page. You can find updates for Service Desk after October release.

New Features

  • Adding Create Date/Close Date Fields on My Tickets widget.
  • Adding search functionality based on email on My Tickets widget.
  • Ability to create flexible time sheet
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue of "Support E-mail updated on SD Inactive page"
  • Fixed the issue of "SLA updated for tickets are submitted via EM agent or created via SD directly"
  • Fixed the issue of "Stop processing further on match!" option updated in Ticket Filter"
  • Fixed the issue of "Ticket Data widget doesn't display amount of tickets"
  • Fixed the issue of "SD tickets are not being autoclosed when "Default Alert" is used"
  • Fixed the issue of "Gateway timed out while Fetching E mail via IMAP"
  • Fixed the issue of "Ticket Scheduling Problem"
  • Fixed the issue of "E-mail Templates Saving Changes"
  • Fixed the issue of "SD Logging Out when Closing Tickets"
  • Fixed the issue of "Staff panel was not directed to "Open Tickets" page"
  • Fixed the issue of "Mail Fetch Failure Alert is not received if custom SMTP is used"
  • Fixed the issue of "My time sheets >Status Not Submitted" displays all time-sheets instead of only the ones belonging to the logged in user.
  • Fixed the issue of Help Desk account confirmation E-mail includes Itarian links.
  • Fixed the issue of ability to use % symbol instead of IP address octets except the latest octet for SD API.
  • Fixed the issue of when "Automatically close the ticket if the metrics go below the threshold" option is enabled tickets are not being closed.
  • Fixed the issue of "There is no ability to use % symbol instead of IP address octets except the latest octet for SD API"
  • Fixed the issue of "Service Desk roles cannot be deleted "
Version: 4.25.4

Thank you for your understanding.You can feel free to share your feedback and comments through this post.


@zeynepyildirim , does your post mean 4.25.4 and the above changes will be released in october 2020? Also, where do I find the version number on SD?

Hi @nct,

All changes released already to production, you can check all of them on your Service Desk. I shared these informations from Release Announcement page, that’s why I updated here also.

Thanks, but does your post refer to October 2019 then? Also, where is the version number on SD?