[What's New] Technology Assessment Platform !

Hello Everyone,

We would like to introduce a new platform ,which we call Technology Assessment Platform (TAP in short), to all of our MSP customers. With TAP, we aim to help you gain new capabilities in front of your customers, and thus provide them better service.

What is Technology Assessment Platform?

Technology Assessment Platform (TAP) helps MSPs extract actionable intelligence about the status of their customers network, to generate a focused strategy and plan to address their needs. With TAP, MSPs act as a virtual CIO (vCIO) and become the true business advisor to their clients by recommending short and long term changes to their technology stacks.

What are the benefits of TAP?

A centralized platform to record and manage your clients’ hardware, software and security requirements
Enables vCIOs to act as true business advisor to their clients by recommending short and long term changes to technology stacks
Enable your engineers to keep track of clients’ technologies through alignment reviews. Evaluate each piece of technology and understand what’s misaligned.
Simplifies and accelerates the discovery process, allowing you to focus on providing the best service to your clients
Deliver a client roadmap to keep track of projects, budgets, timelines and more. You can use these reports to help customers understand their technology needs
Develop a repeatable client process that is the basis for high-value relationships.
Customize the platform to create your own standards unique to your business.
Develop a deeper, more accurate understanding of your clients’ businesses.

What are the goals of the Technical Assessment?
The goals of the assessment are to accumulate wisdom about a client’s systems, identify opportunities for savings, highlight areas where investment is needed, to improve labor efficiency, lower operating costs, and to increase visibility into the organization and its operations.

How to use TAP ?

TAP is now available on your ITarian account under the Applications menu.You can login to the TAP with your ITarian account.

I would like to remind you that it is the beta version and your feedbacks are very valuable for us to improve our new product.
If you have any other questions please feel free to reach us.

Best Regards,
Product Management Team

Looks interesting.

This should be tied into the Network Assessment Tool. If developed properly, running that tool could gather the majority of the information on this review (other than obvious stuff like physical checks…etc). This is something I’ve been waiting to see developed.

502 Bad Gateway when trying to access.

I’m getting the same error also.

Hello all,
Sorry about that. There were a server issue but it has been fixed. You can use the platform now.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards,

This is a great addition but it is not within the same panel of glass as such as it opens a new window…
I know it sounds silly but this is the idea to be able to get a proper PSA feel and integrated system.

we’ll have single sign-on and a single panel very soon.