When Network monitoring?


I read about some interesting “coming soon” feature on your page here,

Are there any timeline on this? Because I’m looking for a monitoring and loganalyzing tool at the moment, would be great to have that in C1.

The one I’m looking for at the moment is OpsView

Will your features be something like that? I wan’t to monitor everything, ESXi hosts, printers, firewalls, switches and so on… :slight_smile:

Hello @Noiden ,

We have requested additional details regarding your request to our Product Development team
and we`ll update you on this post as soon as possible.

Hello @Noiden ,

This is Ayhan from Comodo ONE Product Management team. We are currently taking these features into consideration in our road map. I also sent you a private message to get your view and ideas into our roadmap.

Thanks for your valuable comments.


Any news about this? :slight_smile:

Hi @Noiden ,

We thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ve already asked our Developers about the progress of your request and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.