When will MacOS Big Sur be supported?

Is there an ET for the communication an security client to be compatible with MacOS Big Sur?

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Hi @dguzman

MacOS 11 Big Sur will be supported on Dec 17th with our major quarterly release.

Following up on this thread. It’s Dec 18th. I did not see anything in the release notes about Big Sur support – Just tried enrolling a Big Sur Mac and… It still doesn’t work. Since it doesn’t look like Big Sur was rolled into this quarterly release, when can we expect it will be supported?

Still fails to install the Communication Client with an error…

Hello everyone,

Just to enhance a bit the original question, when will be Apple macOS 11 Big Sur on M1 processors be supported by the Endpoint Manager Communication Client?

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– Javier Llorente
Endpoint Security - Devoteam


We would like to inform our customers about the support of our products for MacOS 11 Big Sur.

As it is known, Apple has announced deprecation of using kernel extensions (KEXT), and introduced the use of service extensions (SEXT) some time ago. However, KEXT was supposed to still work on MacOS 11. According to this information from Apple, our teams decided to continue with KEXT for MacOS 11, and change the infrastructure on the backend to be ready when KEXT is fully going to be unsupported in the future.

Our latest tests revealed that Comodo Client Security for Mac is running without any problem on MacOS 11 for Intel CPUs. However unfortunately, it does not work with Apple Silicon chips due to unsupported KEXT. Even if KEXT is deprecated but announced to be still supported on MacOS 11, Apple hasn’t shared any information about Apple Silicon chips not supporting KEXT.

Our teams immediately started working on upgrading our infrastructure, and that is why we did not add MacOS 11 support on our release notes.

The upgrade to support Apple Silicon CPUs might take up to 2 months, and we will have full support for MacOS 11 running on any kind of Apple PCs after this change has been implemented.

We are sorry for the inconvenience introduced by this change. We will be sharing any updates with you about this issue frequently.

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Product Management Team

Hi @ilgazy

Thanks a lot for this useful information.

However, regarding the Endpoint Manager Communication Client, does it work in macOS 11 Big Sur on both Intel and M1 processors or should we expect to a next release?

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– Javier Llorente
Endpoint Security - Devoteam

So we have to wait 2 months (or more) before we can use/install the Endpoint Communication Client on BigSur 11.1?
What do i tell my customer ?

I’m also worried about my customers, there are some who have 70-90% MacOS environments. :frowning:

Is there any date for this release? We’re having a few systems which require OS upgrade and much more which are going to come with Big Sur from factory.

Please provide and update.


For Mac support there is a lot of improvement necessary in total.
I guess it will take much longer then 2 months to get the EndPoint Manager Client installed on BigSur while in the meantime BigSur 11.2 is already out there.
Im glad i still have TeamViewer to remote in to my Mac Clients and im about to see for another RMM solution to support my Mac Clients.

Im very disappointed -This means what it says, Fail to fulfill the hopes or expectation of the product

Hello @Itarian_FAN , @dguzman,

We are doing our best in order to fully support MacOS 11 BigSur. According to our plan, we will release a new MacOS agent on March 18th which will have full support for MacOS 11.x

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

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Great news. Will this updated agent support both Intel x86-64 and Apple M1 ARM processors?

Thanks in advance!

– Javier Llorente
Endpoint Security - Devoteam

<edit> “According to our plan, we will release a new MacOS agent on March 18th” was the answer I was looking for

This and the 28th… then its the first F1 Race for 2021…

Any updates? Is it going to happen at the 18th?

Hi @Itarian_FAN,

yes, please check this post for more information

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I am still not able to install the client on Big Sur.

The release notes on the ITarian update for 03/17/2021 say “Endpoint Manager now fully supports devices running MacOS 11 operating systems.”. I’m in the USA and it’s the evening of 03/17/2021. The client still wont install, what am I missing/doing wrong?

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 8.09.22 PM.png

Hello @mightypants ,

We released new agents today (03/18/2021 Thursday) along with EU portal deployment. You can check release announcement from https://forum.itarian.com/forum/prod…2021#post60462

New agents are already deployed, so you should be able to use MDM agent on MacOS 11 without any problems.

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