when will release Linux support?


We are waiting Comodo One support more platform…
As we know 2017 Q3 will release linux support,
Does comodo have any roadmap of linux support?


Be good to know when you will add support for patching support for Nix and MacOS as well.

Hi @yu.jasper ,

We do have a roadmap for this feature request. Notably, @Joners being one of the principal users who requested for the feature and @linux72

Hi Sir,

is it have Linux application control feature release schedule?


Hello @yu.jasper,

Good day. If you are pertaining to the ITSM PM for Linux, the planned release is 2019Q1 and for Mac that would be 2018Q2. Thank you

Hi All,

Linux would be nice just in case but not high on our list.
Mac is as we have a few starting to pop here and there; but we already seem to be able to add Mac’s and AV for Mac… Or have I missed something?

Hello @StrobeTech
No, none at all. As mentioned by @Samuel_C , the Patch Management feature for the Linux and Mac platform are both in the works.

Hi @yu.jasper ,
We have been working on CCS Linux for a while and are happy to inform you that it will be released in July.

@Can You mentioned CCS … monitoring only or does that include a remote control agent also?

Hi @laflamme79 ,

Comodo Client Security for Linux is designed to secure your Linux environment and to manage it over ITSM by starting an AV scan, managing quarantined files etc. on your endpoints.

On the other hand, Remote Control for Linux is for providing real time remote control on your endpoints and is one of the items in our midterm plan.


Our place is 1/2 Windows for support personnel and the other linux for developers. Our servers are all Centos 6.9 for now and the ITSM agent will not install. Looks as if it’s geared towards newer linux. Must have please. Hoping for patch management and AV notifications that integrate with Comodo One platform.

@solarjdp ,

Patch Managementfor linux systems is still under Development. We will include you to the loop for information and updates concerning this functionality upon arrival on the production environment.

Now that we are in July, any updates? An ETA maybe?

Hello @hitechpr,

We apologize that support for Linux has not yet been implemented. The product team balances many requests and at times tradeoffs need to be made. We have submitted a request to the product team for an updated time-frame.

We will get back on this forum thread as soon as we receive an update. Thank you for your patience.

Hello @hitechpr

As per our developers update, this would be for a September release.