Where did CDome go

Hey, I am having issues opening my RMM, and thought it might have to do with my cdome configuration, so I went to log into it, and it is no longer available. I started looking around and thought maybe the name had changed to Secure Internet Gateway, but I can not log in there either. It also does not show an option to log in with Itarian, only comodo one. Did I miss something??

Hello, any information on this module??

OK, I looked, and I have a license for CDome, but can not find a way to access it. I tried the Secure Web Gateway, but it says I do not have any active license. I had some places pointed to your servers, and had them configured, but had to change DNS, and I can no longer manage the settings.

@BOSS, We have created a support ticket in regards to your report and will reach you via your forum registered email for further correspondence.

Yes, We have renamed it to Secure Internet Gateway.
We will also investigate your issue

Thanks, did you remove it from the free stack?? I really like this feature, and was hoping to use it.

Free tier is still there, we allow full functionality till around 10 users (approximately 300K DNS requests a month), if you hit the number system will ask you to buy the product.

OH, well, that’s likely what happened then, I never had only 10 users…

I also did not get asked to purchase?? Not sure I would purchase, as I thought it was OK for a free product, but I would not pay for it. It made too much stuff unstable, as far as online programs that many of my endusers used. When it was free though, I found it interesting, and was inclined to try and get it all sorted out. I would love to know if you are going to take more of our free platforms away, as you are taking several things away that you once said would always be free??