Where is the SysTray configuration screen?

Hi All,
I was up late last night doing some settings configurations. I set the systray http path incorrectly, now I am unable to find the configuration area to correct. Does anyone know where I can find this?

Hello @DavidChupp

Unfortunately the issue that you are facing right now is not that clear to us. Could you please send us a screenshot of what path you changed so that we can assist you better?
Thank you

Hello @DavidChupp

I am sorry but we still do not understand what steps you have taken and where you added that incorrect http path.
In the System Tray, you have the icon for the Comodo One client Communication from which you can use:
-About and see the details of the Agent
-Options to add a Proxy server settings.
Was this what you have tried to do?
Please give us more details about what you did and what you were trying to do.

Hello, @DavidChupp

Please run the following command in CMD with administrative privileges: wmic /OUTPUT:c:\my_software1.txt product get name,version and in your C drive you should have the my_software1.txt; Please provide that to us in order to see from where the icon is coming from.

My mistake. This was a product provided by another software provider I was demoing… Thank you for the support.

my_software1.txt (2 Bytes)

Yeah, that’s MaxFocus/GFI’s icon. Points to them for giving users the option to make that icon more useful.

​@DavidChupp , @PromptCare We have the Systray capability in our roadmap. It is targeted to be in included in an upcoming release most likely in Q4 2016. The first step in this functionality will be the ability to create a support ticket. This will be followed up by addition of an ability to chat with a technician.