Where to start???

Hello, I’m very new to Comodo products and MSP processes (coming from Break-Fix business type). I’m making a push into the MSP space as I’ve outgrown my current antivirus business model of selling and managing individual licenses to different customers - it’s become a headache. I’m looking for a vendor that offers a solid antivirus solution for both businesses and individuals (windows PC/workstation/server) and MDM solution for Android/iOS/Blackberry devices, that includes centralized monitoring and management. Through searching for this I came across Comodo One and I’m very interested in that product.

The reason why I’m posting here is I’m hoping someone can explain CDM and Endpoint security and guide me towards what I’m looking for. As well as what I underlined above, it should integrate into Comodo One. Thank you for the assistance!

March1990, I responded to your other post giving you telephone numbers you can call 24/7/365. We can provide you full support and guidance for free. Both support personnel as well as product engineers are ready and waiting for you.

Hello @marc1990 ,

In addition, you can also watch the recorded Comodo ONE training webinars, please find the links here: https://forum.mspconsortium.com/forum/committees/marketing/2542-comodo-one-webinar-archive
You can also register for tomorrow’s webinar “Comodo ONE Workshop – CDM & Patch Management” here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1197521366792430850

Thank you for the quick responses - impressive forum moderation indeed! I was really just hoping to have a sales rep post on here and explain the different AV and MDM products available. That way if anyone else has a similar question they can find it here.

erm…sales people…we don’t have them here I am afraid :slight_smile:

No worries, I’ve made contact to the right people and they’ll be following up with me. Thanks.

good to hear.