Whether free Comodo Antivirus for business having protection from Ransomware?


With free Comodo Antivirus, are we protected with Ransomware, or we need to look into one more product for this aspect?


@itguy_comodo ,

Thank you for your interest in our products and services. Our AV contains several layers of protection that can battle ransomware exploits. The explanation may be a lengthy one but you may check our products page here in https://antivirus.comodo.com/interne…-business.php? track=10081&af=7639. We see that you are registered as an MSP. We would also endorse you to one of our product managers so that they will be able to help you tailor-fit our products to your needs."

@Jimmy I specifically mentioned Free Comodo Anti-virus, does it makes any sense to provide me with paid ones link?

Kindly provide more details on Comodo Free Antivirus, even though I can google or visit website and download the software, the webpages are confusing me with commercial or other software.

Are you using for commercial use?

Yes, it is at business, if you are asking if it is allowed or legal to use at Commercial? yes, Comodo Antivirus (free version) free for Commercial as well.

@Jimmy Is someone going to address my concern please?

yes it has ransomware protection built in.

It has “Automatic Containment Technology” which means any “Unknown executable” (every malware new or old is an unknown executable) automatically runs inside “Automatic Containment” therefore can’t cause infection.