Which features or capabilities would you like to have with Comodo Client Security?

Hello Everyone,

On our last “Questions and Answers” webinar, we got couple of feature request about Containment and Device Control functionalities from you.
Since we always improve our product with you, your feedbacks are so valuable for us, lets us use this post for your feature request!

Note that we have a “Questions and Answers” webinar today at 11 AM EST. We are looking forward to see on our webinar session.

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To Support MacOS 11

Hi @imfnielson ,

Support for MacOS 11 is in our roadmap. We will inform you about dates in our release notes.

Product Management Team.

Thank you so much, that you are interested in the opinion of the audience.
Tell me please if you can send me a link to the webinar?
Couldn’t find it on the site.

Hi @LillianJohnson ,

You can find this topics video: youtube.com/watch?v=cZGySaRzhV4

Also you can check all of our how to or webinar videos from here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHDCSdW0emOXNayHxi4k0kQ/videos?view=0&sort=dd&flow=grid

Product Management Team.

Thank you. I like your webinars so much. Subscribed to the channel with pleasure!

In my opinion no new features for now, but reliable and good basic functionality:

  • 24 hrs notation everywhere in the logs and on the platform
  • Reliable log and report functions. A lot of threats can’t be found. And for the rest you have to plough too much different logs.
  • Remote apps for Android/ IOS
  • Better navigation in the console to find threats
  • Important: detailed warning emails when a threat has been detected with info about the threat, devicename and direct action buttons.
    No link to the login site where you can’t see anything besides all the devicenames.
  • Breadcrumbs with groupname. Now it’s: Device list> Customer> Summary. Should be: Device list> Customer> Group> Summary.

I agree with the trouble trying to decipher the service desk alerts.
It would assist my clients if I could mark a file safe from the email or quick link, contact them and be confident the same often false alert will be fixed.
How often I have emails for the same issues, but on multiple endpoints and finish up just deleting them from my mobile, but then needing to the web portal later on the remove the outstanding alerts.

I had an issue on the weekend with a 3rd party provider unable to install a genuine program many times, yet I received just one alert.
To allow the app I turned off containment on 6 systems all weekend, as I have no confidence in marking as trusted or even adding a exclusion path in past incidents.
My client just wants his systems updated without paying a 3rd party person hours of wasted time.

The tickets In my case also the time is 10 hours out due to the system tagging as GMT+0, this should be in out local time as set in the portal.

Remote control from mobile is required, as much as the ability to do quick actions, like mark safe, exclude, lock, restart, run some scripts, cleanup, and so on without needing a laptop or pc for everything.


This might seem a little trivial - but for some clients we need to turn the containment option off. Howver the icon shows a glaring red X that spooks some people. Is there a way of changing the behaviour from the UI policy to ignore this and have the normal icon?

Hello @tegeus ,

Thank you for the suggestion. We will add this to our roadmap and share any news about a possible delivery. It will be configurable over profiles so that you will be able to decide whether to change the icon in case a component is disabled on Comodo Client - Security.

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