Which features or capabilities would you like to have with ITarian Platform?

Hello Everyone,

On our last “Questions and Answers” webinar, we got couple of feature request from you.
Since we always improve our product with you, your feedbacks are so valuable for us, lets us use this post for your feature request!

We are looking forward to see your improvement suggestions.

Best Regards,

Here is the feature list that we got from our latest webinar session;

1-Script for “lock the user screen and not let him/her to login again”
2-Option to “theme” the dashboard and alter the colors.
3-Tutorial videos to configure CRM from scratch.
4-Fire OS Support

Best Regards,

My top two must have feature requests, which also appear to be the most requested and ignored feature request over the years are…

  1. Better reporting for clients
  2. A messaging/chat feature built into the the EM directly.

and if I had to pick a third… 3. The ability so see a small screenshot of the remote client in the EP summary screen (this is available in many other RMM alternatives and is a handy feature to see if the EP is currently being used).

I truly cannot imagine that many organisations using Itarian in a professional enviroment really care about such trivialities as the colour of the enviroment, themes.or customisable icons.


I’d like a few of the basic’s covered and implemented first.

Scripting that fully works with the comodo security products turned on, many do not and get blocked.
Have a preset rule to allow these or an option for us to allow/exclude when run from the portal either scheduled or on demand.

The import feature from the online web scripts to our procedures, or option to include all.
Third party app installer as well as the updating function for on-boarding. (yes we can use chocy scripted)

Remote with ability to auto-reconnect when a system drops connection or restarts, and be able reconnect from another system concurrently.
Proper copy/paste without needing the extra file transfer system, with larger size limits.
Built in wake on lan.

Yes, for easier/nicer reports, assist to give our customers a better understanding of what we do, the security protection etc.

I could be lazy or have no patience, but getting the system UI branded/setup is too fussy with icons and sizes/format, in the end I gave up.
(Compared with doing an Office 365 theme takes me only 15 mins on average, auto sizes etc)

The marketplace?

The new portal? as been demo online with teams integration and so forth.

I see progress, but from the end user view it is a slow road…monthly updates that seem to be minor may times.
Some of the competition are pushing out new or improved features weekly.