Which Webinars do you want us to create for you?

Hello Everyone,

As may you know we have just started new webinar series, we held the first one on 27th March.

Please help us by telling us:

  • What do you want to learn more about?
  • Where are your knowledge gaps?
  • What expertise can we share that will be useful to you?
Please share your thoughts with us.

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Hi there.
Please tell me if there is an option to watch the last webinar on April 24, on the site it is already inactive.
Will be grateful for an answer.

Thank you so much.
You are my hero.
It is very cool content, to my mind.
Waiting for the new videos.

Hello guys,

We have a great agenda for this week webinar:cool:

We will be talking about;

Realtime detection and prevention capability against threats with ITarian and Comodo Client Security!

Our “Endpoint Manager” Product Manager @ilgazy and “Cyber Security” Product Manager @zeynepyildirim will show the below use cases,

  • Create new profile and add section "Antivirus","Monitors", "External Device Control"
  • Configuring profile sections for Alerts, Monitors and Service Ticket options
  • Creating monitors and alerts to send alerts email and create alert tickets
  • Run a malware and control Comodo Client Security
  • Mount an external device and control Comodo Client Security
  • Check email and Service Desk Ticket board
  • Create reports for antivirus results
  • Create reports for malware list report
You 're Invited ! Lets join us at 10 am EST, 12th of June. https://www.itarian.com/webinars/power-up/

Best Regards,
Product Management Team