Whipeout C1 notification

Hello, is there a way to:

  • clean up the C1 notifications?
  • increase the # of notification shown x page ?


Hello Luca @datalink ,

Apparently, cleaning up “all” C1 Notifications feature is not yet available.
However, we have a similar feature request to add the option to mark all notification as read which expected to be delivered by the end of
Please tell us if you want to receive emails for any important update on this feature so we can create a support ticket for you.

Thank you.

Yes, please send me an email about that feature. Also, I’d like to start from screatch with a clean Service Desk, how to reset the ticket number counter ? Thanks, Luca

Hello @datalink ,

Support team will get in touch with you shortly via email regarding the feature request.
On the other hand, we need more details for your query regarding Service Desk.
I`ll send you an email on this as well.