White label version

Can we please get a white label version so it displays the company name and not Itarian.


Thank you for your feedback. We value your request, and are looking into developing this feature.

Great. I’m looking forward to keeping track of the progress on this with yourself as well.
Have a great day.

Hello @sysut2 ,

Thank you so much for pointing it out. We have this request on our roadmap, but with low prioritization. We plan to add it in the long-term (more than 18 months).

Best Regards,

As a MSP client of Comodo I hope that you see the need to make it more than low priority. When we are working with an MSP client of ours that is having a problem and the Comodo agent client is NOT working - having an alternative method of working with that client to solve their problem is of most importance. So far we have been using a free version of connectwise that IS labeled with our company name, BUT having found this ITARIAN seems to be the right way to go IF it wasn’t labeled ONLY Itarian. Why should we need to use a while labeled connectwise product when we could be using a Comodo/Itarain product ? Please reconsider your view of havong it low priority. Thanks