Whitelist IP addresses required by Comodo

Could you please provide the IP address range that Comodo communication client uses and the CCS client uses for updates please? We need to white list it.

@nikki ,

Please use this helpful guide for the ports and IPs commonly used by Comodo
https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-786-12452-Appendix-1b---ITSM-Services---IP-Nos,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details---US-Customer.html - for US
https://help.comodo.com/topic-399-1-786-11019-Appendix-1a---ITSM-Services---IP-Nos,-Host-Names-and-Port-Details---EU-Customer.html - for EU

@Jimmy thank you! this is great! Can I get a range of IP addresses for Amazon Web Services that Comodo uses? We need to add IP addresses not host names for white listing.

@nikki ,

Absolutely. Here you go https://ip-ranges.amazonaws.com/ip-ranges.json

@Jimmy This is the entire AWS range. Is there a specific range used by Comodo?

@nikki ,

You are correct. What country are you in?

US. I know our account was set up in EU and it was supposed to be migrated to US-EAST. I don’t know if that is already completed.

@nikki ,

You can search for us-east-1 region Service Amazon IPv4 on the list for the IP ranges (Please see attachment). The migration is already in progress and we’ll make sure to provide you an email notification via support email once the process had been completed.

Amazon_aws_us-east-1.txt (12.8 KB)