Whitelisting a file with a changing hash

My company uses a file provided by the U.S. government to fill out a certain form. The file is an executable and the hash changes every time it it saved. This has caused a problem with Comodo removing the file constantly, forcing us to turn off auto-containment at every facility we use it at, which in turn seems to render it useless (I constantly get emails for infections that do not get quarantined, nor do they show up in logs, history, or even when doing a full scan. They just can’t be found.) Is there a way to whitelist files with a changing hash that doesn’t involve relying on the end user to maintain the file in a specific folder?

Hello @Michael.Jones,

We have created a support ticket in regards to your report and will reach you via your forum registered email for further correspondence.

Could you whitelist the exe by Path variables to bypass this?

*\Appname.exe - (whitelist the file name in any location)
*\AppRootDirectory* - (whitelist directory, any file therein)

I have found sometimes it’s not enough to just make an exclusion in one area as well. There’s containment; hips; antivirus and firewall. I wish we had a nice checklist sometimes :slight_smile: