Why can't I connect to any of my end points for hours or all day?

This is a repeating problem on random days, sometimes maybe works tomorrow. It is saying two random things: “unexpected error” or “disconnected by user”. Please know that there is no user at this time, nobody is disconnecting it so it is obviously not being disconnected by user.
I try it for hours and never works with any of my end points even though the Endpoint Manager shows all of them are online, no problems.
Tomorrow it will probably just work, no explanation why it was not working all day.
This is happening too often! I need to perform certain backup tasks every day, but when this blocks me I simply cannot do it.

Hello @imajeff,

We have created a support ticket in regards to your report and will reach you via your forum registered email for further correspondence.

Hello @imajeff ,

Thank you for reaching us about your problem. I am reponsible product manager of Remote Control. I want to learn exact use case to help you. If you can explain with screenshots I believe we can find problem more easily and solve with support team.

Best Regards,
Gizem Kucuklergil

Thank you Gizem for your interest. Obviously there is nothing more that I can tell you. It works today as I said it would. Absolutely nothing is different from yesterday about my use case, only that it was giving the two errors yesterday and not able to connect. Today it connects exactly the same way it was not connecting yesterday.

I will also reply to the new ticket that was opened, obviously they can do nothing to help unless they can say why it did not connect yesterday.

Ah, support informed me that I should allow UDP connection to your “TURN servers” and gave a link to some obsured documentation that would have been nice to know long ago, but being called “appendix 1b” has no meaning for someone looking for specific solution to intermittent problems. Before, I could only assume it is not a firewall setting because it simply would not have ever worked if that was the case.
Please make the firewall settings more visible as something we should know starting out.

I am guessing you had used a standard port as fallback for me such as going over http 80 because my firewall allowed that, but then was not reliable and you never thought it worth telling me why until I repeatedly complained about this failing?